Scientific Names vs Common Names

When it comes to recording what you’ve seen, do you prefer to use scientific names or common names or are you happy with both? I will try to ensure that the user can work either way but there may be times when I need to plump for one or the other.


One Response to “Scientific Names vs Common Names”

  1. Grahame Says:

    Still looking good Paul.
    Great to see pickys and audio are now in your app.
    The poll above asked about scientific versus common names definately both for me…. and the ability to just import a countries full taxonomy via maybe a csv file would be perfect.
    Would make the software easily multi country and easy for the user to set up as they want and of course anything you want not necessiarially birds.
    I’m one of your six “followers” so am looking forward to seeing where this project goes.
    I’m not a coder but graphix is my thing any help you need just ask……but to be honest the screenshots look like you have that under control.
    Have a good one.

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