I was looking at some of the graphs produced now that I have a year’s worth of my own data in the system and thinking it would be good if I’d made more regular notes of the birds in my garden. Because I only really take a note of whats visited when its something new, if I look at the graph of sightings in the garden I get a really distorted picture. If I’d spent say 30 mins a week observing and noting then I’d get a much better picture of the comings and goings of species across the year.

This got me to thinking – should I have a “reminders” system that you could set recurring notes to make trips to a patch, or make garden records.

I know the more scientifically minded people do already have regular commitments to gathering data for atlases etc… I just wonder if it would be useful to put this feature in (of course if people don’t use it I could always turn it off).

Any thoughts?


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