Now with added pictures!!

To add a splash of colour to my record listing software, I’ve now got round to adding functionality to store photos (or any form of illustration so long as it is stored as a JPEG, PNG or BMP) along with sightings.

I havent allowed linking to an image on a website yet but that will come in due course.

As things stand, when entering the details of a sighting you can add one or more images by selecting the filename and giving your image your title and optional description :

Adding Photos

This then stores a link to the photo(s) – it doesn’t copy the image file (things would quickly get out of hand with respect to storage if it duplicated every photo you add) so if you delete or move the file the link will be broken (I need to put some validation in around this, or an option to tidy up broken links)

Then when you either go to the page that details your record you will see all photos associated with that visit, or if you go to the page for a specific species it will list all photos logged against the species :

Linked photos

Still to come – similar functionality for audio and video clips.


One Response to “Now with added pictures!!”

  1. Andrew Kinghorn Says:

    Cool idea, was wondering if this software is just for yourself or are you going to release the software so people can benefit from your creation?

    Are you programming in C# or C++ or am I totally off the the mark? Done a bit of programming myself but always in C#, no longer do it as I dropped Programming as an option for second year at Uni.

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