Now.. maps for sites

Right.. the last thing I work on before releasing an alpha… honest

I’ve now got integration with Google Maps working… so as long as you have an internet connection you can specify latitude and longitude co-ordinates for sites and see their location using google maps. I will add functions to switch between roadmap, terrain, satellite and hybrid views as supported by google. Going down this route does tie me to what google decide to offer or stop offering at any given time but the cheapest decent option that I can find that is independent of web services costs around £4,000k and if this is a not-for-profit exercise I don’t think I can find £4k to cover that!


More mapping to come so that you can see recent sightings on a map… probably on the home page.


2 Responses to “Now.. maps for sites”

  1. John Fleet Says:

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about being at Google’s mercy – you probably have to use someone’s proprietary services and maybe better Google than Microsoft! One question – will we be able to drag and drop to set locations as well as typing in lats and longs (which is hard work!)

    Looking forward to the Alpha release!

  2. bedlingtonwanderer Says:

    Very good question John… its one I’m looking at. I’ve written websites before that use google APIs to use their maps and they are pretty good. Only problem is they aren’t really designed for desktop apps and the desktop options are more limited. I think they’ll do what I want, and if its a choice between that and shelling out £4k on a project I don’t expect to be a commercial project I may have to go with the free option!

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