Website coming soon –

Now that I have a number of people test driving some of the functionality of the desktop app (and many thanks to those individuals for their support and encouragement)… I have registered a new domain ( and I am starting to put in place some plans for exciting (well.. to me!) functionality that will make the application into a hybrid and will allow people to create and join groups and share their data with like-minded individuals as well as doing things like downloading updates to the program and new taxonomies.

The website supports the technologies I’d need to ultimately make the application entirely web-based but I still see a desktop app as being the main focus right now (followed by an Android app) but I will start to leverage the power of the website over time.

At the moment the public face of the website does little more than point back to here but it will start to take shape over the next few weeks, especially for those helping me with some early testing.


2 Responses to “Website coming soon –”

  1. John Fleet Says:

    Sounds really exciting – I imagine that a priority of the Android (iApp please!!!) will be to allow field records to be easily uploaded to desktop/web app?


    • bedlingtonwanderer Says:

      You’re right John – I use an android phone and the ability to use its GPS sensor and a database of species would make it easy to compile records until I got home. What has put me off in the past was the screen size and how you could make it non-fiddly to use, but the latest generation have such big screens that its becoming less of an issue.

      Also an option is to look to be able to import data from existing Android/iPhone apps, as to be totally honest writing an Android app will require me to learn Java and a whole new programming paradigm so not reinventing the wheel in this instance isn’t necessarily a bad option!

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