Testing update

A big thanks to those kind volunteers who have assisted with testing of the first alpha releases. The feedback has been gratifyingly positive but most importantly constructive, and so far i’ve got testers on three continents and five countries (UK, Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Belgium).

At the risk of patting myself on the back.. the feedback so far includes :

I like the software very much.  I like the two levels of entry.  First level records the species and where it was seen.  The next level allows more detail to be added if you have it.

Firstly, let me congratulate you on a fantastic piece of software. It has clearly been written from a birder’s point of view and I am sure that it will be extremely popular when released. 

I have used this release for about one hour today and have failed to break it.

Overall, the screen is quite attractive, and beats most of the commercial offerings. Pretty user-friendly

Guess what it works real well and is easy to use whichever way you choose to select the species.

I can’t quite figure out what you’ve changed with names – but I don’t like it! (Ah OK… at least I fixed it!)

The bulk of the feedback has been that what I’ve made available is of real interest. I’m looking at a couple of common requests and a few minor bugs and a couple of simple change requests have already been implemented, but I’m pleased to hear that the installer seems to be doing its job nicely.

I’m working through the remaining comments and the next release I will make available to all via a download from the new website (www.naturerecorder.com).

Once again thanks to those who have shown an interest and given me feedback – I appreciate that everyone is busy at this time of year.

One key thing is that the level of excitement from the testers has definitely given me the extra boost that I’m not just doing this for myself and other people will definitely find it useful. Things like this are never finished but it would be great to get it to the point where people are using it on a day-to-day basis and deriving real benefit.

I’m also talking to a few groups about how it can support collaborative recording, and the introduction of the web site will facilitate online sharing of records, however that is a little way off yet.


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