Report Data – what do you want?

I’m currently looking at expanding what can be recorded in respect of a site / visit (leaving aside the specifics of the species recorded during the visit).

For site I currently allow a name, region, lat and long coordinates and notes for each site, however I realise that there is much more than that which may be of interest…

I’m thinking of things like habitat – is there a standard code that people would use or should I allow a user-defined coding (bear in mind in the long term this is not just for birds but for all classes of wildlife) ? Is elevation of any interest to anyone except real serious recorders? Is it useful to allow hyperlinks for each site, for example to RSPB/WWT/Wildlife Trust pages?

Also in terms of specific reports – start time and end time fields are on the agenda add as optional data.. weather is something I’ve also thought about – I could allow just free text or possibly provide a dropdown (for the UK this will obviously be 19 variants of drizzle, plus sunny, sunny intervals and “proper wet” :))

Very much open to suggestions on this one – let me know what you think.


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