Tehnical hitch!

Aargh – this morning my faithful laptop decided to give up the ghost without warning… fortunately I have everything backed up but I had hoped to get some development work done over the next couple of days and that won’t be possible until I have my new faithful laptop set up.

I was aiming to have a new release with more functionality on display for alpha testers by new years day, but sadly that looks unlikely now.

I’ll post an update once I have one…


One Response to “Tehnical hitch!”

  1. John Fleet Says:


    that’s a bummer – ironically (as I was at work today and bored) I thought I’d get out my work laptop – which has never been used. Typically though the I.T. guys had locke it down so securely it wouldn’t even start up as it wants a password before it will even boot! – so I can’t offer to lend it to you!


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