v0.0.1.3 Available to download now

I’ve uploaded v0.0.1.3 to the website (www.naturerecorder.com/downloads.aspx), which features a couple of updates that people have asked for…

On the species page there’s now a new Details tab which exposes two key features :

  1. Allows you to amend the common name for a species, so if you’re tired of typing in “swallow” only to find the taxonomy lists the species as “barn swallow” you can simply edit the name to suit your preference (you cannot currently change the scientific name)
  2. Allows you to set up and amend “Quick Codes” for each species, ie you can set “GGS” for great grey shrike and then if you type GGS in any species selection box and hit enter the program will select the shrike

I’ve dropped the idea of synonyms for now as I’m not sure how much advantage they would offer – I was planning this feature so that users could add “Redpoll, Common” as an alternative to “Common Redpoll”, however I’ve come to the conclusion that if you find the default name confusing then you would just rename the common name and I’m not convinced anyone would need to have both variants in there. If you disagree then let me know.

There are also more options in the settings page, which allow you to specify whether you want to move straight from concluding the “Add Report” wizard to editing the report (so that you can enter counts, notes, photos etc), and also how many months worth of news to show on the home tab.

Also a bit of behind the scenes work… on startup the program now checks against the website to see if there are any updated versions available (by default it will check once a week and this will be editable in the settings menu in due course), and I’ve written a schema upgrade utility so that if I make changes to the database design to allow capture of different types of information you will be able to upgrade existing databases (very useful at this stage where I will likely be adding more database tables regularly).

I’ve also fixed a couple of bugs.. firstly Jan 1st gave me a bit of a surprise as my year list wasn’t re-set, so I’ve sorted that, plus there was also a crash if you deleted the location of stored photos when you try to view a record that should have a photo (I discovered this when setting up my new laptop as it doesn’t have a D: drive which is where all my photos were on the old laptop.

If anyone wants to try it and hasn’t tried the earlier versions please let me know… if you’ve already been testing the earlier versions feel free to go ahead and try it out – you’ll need to uninstall v0.0.1.2 first but won’t need to reinstall .net or the access drivers.


3 Responses to “v0.0.1.3 Available to download now”

  1. Rob Vaughan Says:

    I’m afraid that I’m having problems with this version. I uninstalled, but having installed I now get a “RecorderUI has stopped working error” whenever I try to open the software.

    • bedlingtonwanderer Says:

      Hi Rob – sorry about that – I’ve just been talking to another tester who had he same problem. A case of releasing-a-build-at-night-is-not-a-good-idea-itis I’m afraid. I’ve just uploaded a new installer which corrects the problem.

      I pulled the plug on the synonyms feature at the last minute but I mistakenly didn’t roll back all of the code, so part of the loading routine was looking for a table that wasn’t there in existing databases.

      Should be all OK now if you uninstall and re-download

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