A software development professional with a passion for nature – not two things that often go hand in hand in my experience.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries providing software and consultancy for some of the world’s biggest names in oil and gas, financial services and retail as well as working for one of the UK’s largest software houses.

This blog is a forum to talk about a new project – to create a professional and accessible software system for people to record the wildlife they see.

I know (kind of) what I want from such a system but I’d be interested to know what other people would like to see. To that end I’ve created this blog so I can post updates on what I’m working on, get feedback and suggestions from others and generally move the project forward to ultimately hopefully a releasable piece of software.

Note though – this is a “spare time” project and not my full time job, and as such the amount of effort I can devote to it will depend on a number of factors, not least whether or not its sunny outside because if it is I’ll probably be out experiencing nature not sat at a computer screen.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. John Fleet Says:

    Hi pauls

    just caught your latest post on Birdforum I may be you’re nearest local birder (Whitley Bay). Still searching for the perfect recording app which for me would a) run on a Mac and b) integrate / accept data from Birdwatchers Diary – which is use on my iPod to record field sightings. Whilst your project probably doesn’t fit either of my ideal criteria I’ll be interested in following and trialling it – esp if it’s easy to import data from my existing PC app – the venerable RSPB software package in which I have about 6,000 records….



  2. Lee Evans Says:


    This is a fantastic idea. I am craving for a website tool that can allow me to daily update a database on all the UK’s rare birds. Just a few comments – it would be nice if the software can work out how many species have been recorded in the past 7 days, on a single day and on a calendar year basis

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