To participate in the testing programme please drop me a line… when the “final” version is ready for release I’ll post a link here.



3 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. Paulo Paixão Says:

    Dear Paul,

    I may be interested in this software. I have been using birdstack for a while, but it is going to close down soon. I insert my records in national bird databases from but there is no single global/world database available there.

    When will Nature Recorder be available?
    Is this a kind of software that I can buy and install on my PCs?
    Will it include a world bird list such as IOC’s?
    Will it allow to make records for any geographic region of the world?

    I have downloaded version, but have not been able to test it because I can’t add any database to it.
    What have I done wrong?

    I would be glad to participate in your testing programme and assist you in improving this product.

    Thanks in advance and regards,
    Paulo Paixão

  2. Floss Gibson Says:

    Been looking for some software to do exactly this job. Sign me up if you need more testers.

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