Forgot to mention… according to the stats from the website (www.naturerecorder.com) i’ve now had 100 downloads – from different people not just upgrades. I have users in 11 countries on three continents – from Canada and the US – through Europe (UK, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Russia and Turkey) to New Zealand.

Many thanks to all who have offered their time and constructive criticism (and touch wood so far all the feedback has been constructive)…

I’m aiming for a proper beta launch with a full set of usable functionality by Easter, through to a full lauch in the summer.

I say “full launch” – I’ll be wielding the full force of my corporate marketing machine (ie me) to publicise… so word of mouth is going to be important. At some point I’ll be drawing up a feature comparison between what I’m offering for free and what the commercial offerings have and I hope that will show in a favourable light what you get with Nature Recorder.

Thanks again for the invaluable support and encouragement- without the interest shown by people I’ve never met this project would never have got off the ground and I’d still be using a spreadsheet and shaking my head at what people expect you to pay for!

The next 12 months should be pretty exciting with lots of cool new stuff on the way including integration with Google Earth and Google Maps and online functionality to allow you to share your data if you’re in a club or just with your mates.