A little more progress

I’ve finally managed to make some progress on the core application (I’ve been working on importing data via CSV and tab-delimited text) but I’m hoping to make v0.0.2.0 available soon – this will be the biggest increment in functionality since the first alpha.

What this will open up is the ability to manage locations – to this point the locations tab has been hidden from alpha versions but I’ve got enough feedback on the species selection features to open things up a bit.

I’ve also been refining the management of locations and added some new functionality around categorising locations by habitat.

Editing Locations













The above screenshot shows the edit location dialog. From here you can change the name, description, set the location (currently only via latitude and longitude but I’ll work on other formats eventually), change the region, and pick from pre-defined habitat types (again… eventually this will be a customisable list but at the moment it comes from the BTO survey codes). I’ll also be extending the List page to allow you to see a view of species seen in different habitats.

A slightly larger view…

Edit Location













The other thing you may note from the initial shot is that I’m working on integrating with Google Earth to provide mapping capability – in this example it is just to shot the location of the site ou are editing, but this will also extend to being able to view your records and reports on a fully interacive map. More on this soon….

Google Earth


Hello and welcome

Welcome to my new blog… at the risk of repeating everything on the About page, this blog is about my project to produce a new piece of software for recording wildlife sightings. It is initially focussed on birds, but can equally apply to anything from mammals to butterflies to plants.

It is a part time project that I will be working on away from the day job and I’m hoping that those who stumble upon this blog from whatever direction will be interested in what I’m doing and offer some feedback and suggestions.

I don’t have any fixed timescales, or indeed guarantees that I’ll have the time and motivation to get to the point of releasing the software to the world at large, but I’ll give it a good go!