A simple video demonstration…

I’m getting close to being able to release a limited “alpha” test version but I have some work to do before its ready, so in the meantime as I was adding a new report I thought it mught be worth doing a quick video that demonstrates how easy it is to add a simple record.

One of the key things I realised after a while was that I would often go to somewhere that I’ve been before but only really make a note of unusual species, which gives a distorted view of species distribution. In order to try and combat this, every time you add a report to a site you’ve already visited, it gives you a list of all the species recorded at the site (and a frequency of their appearance, ie magpies on 100% of visits to a site but marsh harrier only 5% of the time). This just nudges me to remember the stuff so common they are almost invisible!

Anyway – its just a couple of minutes but hopefully it gives a taste of what the program looks like in action…

Please note – this is only the simple recording wizard… there are options to allow you to specify quantity, “heard only”, “fly over”, notes, subspecies and addition of photos; but these don’t feature in this wizard.

I will probably record a handful of these demos over the next week or so to demonstrate the software as it stands and will aim to make a live version of the program available as soon as I get an installer built.

Any questions or feedback please let me know.