Breaking down the world

I’m currently putting in functionality to manage the regional management of reports so that reports can be assigned to locations which in turn are part of regions. You will then be able to report on agregated regions, ie you could report at the site level, the county level, country level, continent level, global level etc.

At the moment the hierarchy of regions is entirely arbitrary – unlike with the taxonomy breakdown where there is always orders which breakdown to families at the next level down, which in turn break down into genus at the next level and then finally these break down into species. For this regional breakdown at the moment I have defined The World which is always there as the top level and then Europe -> UK -> England and Scotland. Here things then get different – I have assigned specific locations to Scotland as I’m not really worried about breaking things down into regions of Scotland at the moment, but within England I have broken down to county level and assigned locations to the counties. But… this is my choice as a user of the system rather than a restriction imposed by the software… the default position will be that The World is the only region set up and the user then sets up whatever sub-regions they choose.

The main reporting screen on regions and locations looks a bit like this at the moment :

Locations - First Draft

So we have the hierarchy of regions and locations on the left of the screen and the right hand side is split into two when you click on a location. You can ignore the top bit for now as that is just very basic and needs more info, but it currently shows the name of the location, the number of reports logged for that location, and the cumulative number of species. The lower part of the right hand side shows a list of all the species recorded across all visits to the site. Along with the name of the species both by common name and scientific name are two columns : “Unique” and “Percent”

The Unique column indicates whether the species has only been recorded at this site.. so in the example above its indicating that this is the only location I’ve seen Common Scoter, Black Scoter and Long-tailed duck (It isn’t really but I’ve only got a handful of records in the system so far!). The Percent Column shows for each species on what percentage of all visits to the site I’ve recorded the species, so again in the example above I visited Bamburgh twice and recorded Eider on both occasions but the other species only one one or the other visit.

I’m also planning to add columns for “last recorded date” so I can see when I last recorded a species at the site, and some more columns yet to be decided. Likewise I’ll also add “last visit” date for the site as a whole, and possibly a calendar display with highlighted dates of what dates reports were logged at the location.

Any thoughts or comments?