Year List and Life list – report now available in v0.0.1.4

A few simple enhancements but quite useful (in my humble opinion anyway) are now available in v0.0.1.4 from the website (

First up – the buttons to add and remove individual records from a report once the wizard has been completed have now been implemented (up til now they’ve been there but not enabled).

Next – the graph display below the news on the home tab has been the source of some confusion amongst those testing so far, so I’ve elected to make a change. As it stands this chart is supposed to be the cumulative year list progress, so for example today is Jan 15th and I’ve got around 70 species on the year list so January shows 70 species. I haven’t got any extra species in Feb as it hasn’t started yet so Feb shows the 70 from Jan, as does March etc). I’ve now added an option – available from the Settings dialog – to switch that to showing a simple histogram showing the number of new species seen in the month (this means I now have 60 species in January but nothing for February through December).

The main change though is the additon of the Lists tab.

It struck me the other day that while I show on the home tab the current totals of life list and year list, there’s no actual display of whats in the list.

To this end I’ve introduced a new lists tab which currently has two lists available – Year List and Life List. These reports should be largely self-explanatory, but with one caveat… unlike much of the program these reports are static, ie if you view your year list and then add a new report featuring 5 new species for the year, the report will not automatically update to show the new species.

Year List

There is a refresh button in the toolbar on the tab which allows you to manually refresh, or you can just select the report again from the dropdown. The reason the lists are not dynamic is down to performance – it would slow the system down too much to dynamically re-do the reports. Note there are also toolbar buttons for print and save – neither of these are implemented yet so are disabled until such point as I write the code for them!


Forgotten something?

I know that when I go out and visit somewhere its the unusual birds that stand out in my memory, but if I want to be even vaguely scientific about things I really should be recording everything that I see. Sometimes the absence of a species is as important as the presence of one.

I’m making some changes to how I enterĀ  a report from a visit, and now when you select which location the report is for, the first thing it does is presents you with a list of all the species you have previously recorded at the site, along with a figure for what percentage of visits that you’ve recorded that species at that site (assuming its a repeat visit and not an entirely new location). The list is sorted by this percentage present figure.

Site Report Wizard

This way your attention is focussed on some of the species that you see so often that you forget about them, before you move on to the next step in the wizard where you can add any other species (you can skip this step if you just want to dive in to entering everything from a list you’ve already jotted down if thats easier).

I know just from looking at these percentages of sightings that I’ve been sloppy in recording common species – taking the above screenshot as an example, I don’t think its possible to visit Amble harbour and not see a cormorant so one of my two reports that I’ve entered is clearly incomplete.