Problem upgrading databases

It has been brought to my attention that my code which upgrades database schemas is dud! This will affect you if you are trying to open a database created in v0.0.1.x of Nature Recorder or if you have downloaded a fresh copy of the template databases, and the program will say “Opening Data” and then hang.

I’ve identified and fixed the bug and will make available v0.0.2.4 at the weekend (incorporating a couple of other minor bug fixes), meanwhile if you are trying to create a new database using the templates on the website I have updated these so you can download fixed versions.

Apologies for the inconvenience but this is why we do test versions!


Updated version coming soon

I’ve had a bit of a delay in making progress on the latest update, largely due to the demise of my previous laptop. I’ve not lost anything , however its taken a while to get things up and running, and I’m in the process of making a couple of changes under the hood.

First – I’ve added in functionality so that the application checks the website ( to find the latest version and will flag up if there’s an update available. Second – as some of the changes that i want to make -(including adding synonyms for common names ) will require database schema changes, I’m writing a utility to take existing databases and upgrade them to the latest schema version so that anyone creating records with old versions of the DB don’t have to start again from scratch if they don’t want to.

Work on this is nearly done, so as soon as thats available I’ll implement the synonyms feature and then I will look to make available.