Short codes now in place… alpha test version 1 coming soon (honest)

.. only a small step forward but one thats been on the agenda for months now… you can add “short codes” for each species so now if you’re typing the name of a species to add to a report list you can type in “lbbg” for lesser black backed gull, “gsw” for greater spotted woodpecker.

Only a modest increment of functionality but nice to clear it off the backlog as its one that potentially makes it much quicker to enter common species

My plan for the next week is to get a packaged up version ready for people to play with. This will be strictly limited in functionality – I want to focus efforts on making the species entry as slick and robust as possible, so I will disable most of the things you can do at this point but it would be really good to get feedback on this mechanism.

I’m part way through this at the moment and I’m just fighting with WiX installer technology to get a package in place that will install the app and all its pre-requisites.. as soon as its up and running I’ll put something up here for people to download.