Limited functionality alpha test now available

I’ve now done battle with the installer routine and have got something fairly rough and ready but that installs the software, so I’m happy to make it available (in a controlled manner at first).

The purpose of this version is primarily to have people test out the mechanism for creating reports and selecting/viewing species info… its not an all singing and dancing version and a lot of the features that I’ve posted about on here are deliberately removed in order that a) people don’t confuse it with the a fully functioning version of the software, and b) so that people focus on what I really want the feedback on.

What you will be able to do with this version…

  • Add multiple reports, selecting from the species on the BOU list, using the Add Report wizard
  • Use the detailed reports page to add notes and photos to the reports you added with the wizard
  • Select species from a flat list, a hierarchical list, or using quick codes for species
  • See the results of adding reports to your year list and life list, plus how they feature on the home page’s news section
  • Report on sightings per species across multiple visit and view photos added

Some of the key things you wont be able to do…

  • Add new locations (restricted to three sites in this database)
  • Edit the taxonomy or quick codes for species
  • View reports on a per location basis

Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest… in the first instance I would like to share this version with a small group to ensure that it installs properly and that there aren’t any glaring problems that would get in the way of people trying it out. I’ve tested on two machines at the moment – one 64 bit Windows 7 (my development machine) and a creaky old XP machine that is at the bottom end of the requirements.

If you’d like to have a play with this version please drop me a comment with your e-mail address and let me know what operating system your PC is running (ie Windows 7 / Vista / XP) and if you have Microsoft Office installed what version. It may be that I need to point you in the direction of some pre-requisite downloads from Microsoft depending on what you’ve already got installed. NB – I’ll ensure that e-mails aren’t displayed on the site.

Once I’ve had a few people try out this install I’ll make it available to all, and I’ll also make available alternative lists such as the UK400 lists.


Alpha test version coming soon(ish)

Righto… got quite a few people interested in having a play so I’m going to concentrate on removing some of the scaffolding that lets me run the program quickly and easily and getting it to a point where I can let the merciless public have a bash. I will make it available via download from a password protected page.

If you are interested, please drop me a line or a comment on here. You will need to be running Windows (XP Service Pack3, Vista or Windows 7) with at least 2gb of RAM.

Please let me know where you are (currently I have only the UK list but I will create custom taxonomies where necessary)

This is all still subject to the caveat that I have a day job and my motivation to sit at a PC developing software all evening can be tainted by spending all day developing software for a living, so I’m not making any commitment to when I can make a version available, but I am keen to let people have a play and let me know what they think.

I’ll update as soon as I have a version ready.