Technical Stuff

Recorder (imaginative working title huh?) is initially being developed using Visual Studio 2010/VB.Net using WinForms and JET database.

The reason for this… familiarity. I spent a fair amount of time working on using WPF for the user interface to give a richer more web-like look and feel but found I was spending so much time battling with overcoming almost 20 years of WinForms and learning the new paradigms underlying WPF that I was making painfully slow progress. Increasingly I was tempted to stop work on it and start again with technology that was more natural to me and eventually my laptop died on me and when I came to restore my code from my backups and found that only part of the code was backed up properly, this made my mind up for me.

I’m writing the application in such a way that it will be easy to switch technologies at a later date should I choose, and WPF is certainly something that I will revisit, but for the time being I want to focus on functionality not technical decisions.

The upshot of the technology choice is that the program will only run on Windows, and it will only run on Windows XP SP3 or Vista or Windows 7, so users of older systems wouldn’t be able to run it.

At some point in the future a web interface is an obvious development opportunity, as is an Android app (no plans for an iPhone app as I haven’t got the kit or experience to develop one)


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